Friday, February 1, 2008

VAM Leadership to Testify in Maier Case

Following VAM's issue of a statement in opposition to the sale of pieces of art from the Maier Museum of Art's collection at Randolph College on the grounds that it is a violation of the public trust and of museum ethics, VAM has been asked to testify in a lawsuit that has been brought to halt the sale of works of art from the Maier Museum by Randolph College. Specifically, VAM President Scott Harris and VAM Executive Director, Margo Carlock (who gave a presentation on the topic of museum ethics and deaccessioning of museum works to Randolph College Board of Trustees Members prior to their decision to sell the art) will testify in a trial set for April 29 - May 1st.

While VAM leadership does not relish the idea of testifying, we are open to answering the questions the lawyers pose. VAM holds to its original stance that the college's decision was counter to widely held professional standards and violates the public trust. Our involvement in this trial will simply allow the legal system an opportunity to understand our professional mores, and the reasons behind them. Our position has been based upon principle and has been consistent throughout the process. When VAM was asked for advice prior to the decision being made, we advised against it. When the decision was made, we responded by stating that the decision ran counter to professional standards, and this stance will be reiterated for the public record during the trial.

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