Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet Virgil the VAM Gnome!

Virgil Visits the Science Museum of Virginia
Virgil is a history buff, and art aficionado, and a part-time lawn ornament (especially when visiting botanical gardens)! When he isn’t lounging around, Virgil is traveling the globe – or at least Virginia. Virgil’s passion for traveling is unmatched. There isn’t a place he won’t go to. In addition, Virgil’s bravado is awe-inspiring and he’s never met a stranger who didn’t become his friend.

Due largely in-part to Virgil’s inspirational personality, he has been appointed VAM’s newest travel buddy. This means he’ll be joining the rest of the VAM staff at various functions throughout the state, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for him whenever you’re at a VAM related workshop, meeting, or conference.

Virgil Visits Chihuly at the VMFA
So if you see Virgil at an event, be sure to say “Hi!” and maybe even snap a picture with him. Just remember: no short jokes (Virgil hates those!).

Want the gnome to visit your neck of the woods? Contact VAM if you are interested in hosting a workshop, a member networking event, or an emergency preparedness meeting.


johnverrill said...

Will be looking for Virgil at my next VAM event. I'll bet he'll be a well travelled Gnome!

johnverrill said...

Will look for Virgil at may next VAM event. I'll bet he will be well travelled!